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Wotan in Die Walküre, Manhattan Opera Studio, 2019, NY

"Christiaan Snyman portrays him as a broken man, diminished by the unforeseen consequences of the bad decisions he made out of greed. Like any man losing his power, he exerts what little power he has left on someone he can intimidate, his favorite child. Mr. Snyman not only sang this demanding role to fine effect but conveyed a lot about the character that we had not heretofore appreciated." – VOCE DI MECHE, July 29, 2019

Wotan in Die Walküre, Manhattan Opera Studio, 2019, NY

"Congratulations on your stellar performance of Wotan, even more impressive today for your having sung it yesterday! You have a large, beautiful, and completely resonant voice that is evenly produced from top to bottom, and the icing on the cake is how deeply expressive you are –  a true artist. I was especially pleased to see your perfect mouth/jaw position all the way through, bravo!" Personal message from William Hicks, world-renowned voice coach, pianist and conductor

Scarpia in Tosca, South African State Theatre, 2017

"Vocally and dramatically, the most rounded character was Christiaan Snyman’s Scarpia, with an interpretation that intuitively bypasses clichés." Paul Boekkooi, Art Critic at Beeld, 23 May 2017

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